Ocular 120 FPV Drone w/Camera RTF


Perfect for beginner customers, looking for an easy to fly camera drone that offers superb stability via the innovative optical flow system, coming with everything you need right out of the box in a Ready-to-Fly.'

FPV via the Dromida FPV app 
   o For seeing what the Ocular sees, in real time. 

• Easy-to-use Altitude Hold 
   o For stable hovering. 

• Auto Takeoffs & Landings 
   o For worry-free ascending and descending. 


  • Optical Flow technology provides first-class stability
  • Altitude Hold keeps the Ocular at your set altitude
  • True-Stick Control moves the Ocular in the same direction that you move the sticks
  • Auto Take-off and Land – Push to hover up to 1.5 meters. Push it again to land
  • MR110 transmitter with built-in phone holder
  • Wi-Fi FPV camera – Fly FPV with 30 fps video and 2 ms low-latency Wi-Fi
  • Download the Dromida FPV mobile app to complete the FPV experience

Easy to Fly: 
Auto Take-off and Land and Altitude Hold features make this drone incredible easy to fly. Auto Takeoff will automatically place the drone 1.5meters in the air giving you a good flight start, while the self-leveling and bank angle limits make controls easy to learn. 

Optical Flow Technology: 
Optical Flow technology holds the Ocular in place with a single button-push, making it easy for anyone to fly with confidence. This feature, found in high-end drones, keeps the Ocular flying sure and steady without the use of GPS! 

WiFi FPV on Your Phone: 
You don’t need a separate viewscreen or expensive headset—just your smartphone and the Dromida FPV mobile app. Download the app, put your smartphone in the radio’s built-in holder, and you can enjoy a sharply focused, first-person view of your flight. 


• Ocular 120 FPV w/ Camera 
• MR110 Transmitter w/ Built in Phone Holder 
• 1S LiPo battery 
• 1S USB Charger 
• (4) AAA Batteries 
• (4) Extra Batteries 
• Screwdriver 

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