Our History

When Hobbyland opened within Graceland Shopping Center's first year in 1953, people absolutely loved the family-friendly atmosphere, depth of knowledge, and love of hobbies that the entire staff shared. In 1968, William (Bill) Kehoe and his wife, Pam, purchased the store and grew it to a large-scale operation across the 70's, 80's, 90's, and yes, 2000's, where there were once 4 stores in Columbus, Ohio. After 45+ years, Bill decided to figure out a path to retirement in approximately 2013. As part of that plan, things were wisely and prudently scaled back to the original location within Graceland Shopping Center...our roots...our home.

Now, after 48+ years under the Kehoe's tenure, the store was purchased by Andrew and Christina Pees in November of 2016. Many "Pro's and Con's" were evaluated in making the purchase decision, especially given the uncertain times being thrown at Small Business and ALL Brick and Mortar.

We gambled that an incredibly strong following exists that demands of us to go where others cannot. Staying true to Hobbyland's core competencies of giving each of our customers a dedicated and premium experience, every time, we accepted the challenge of providing a premium brand experience at fair and competitive prices.

The change has brought new energy to the store by reinvigorating the inventory we carry, embracing new hobby technologies, and consistently using social media to reach our many customers' vast varieties of interests. It is our belief that YOU, the customer, are the true owners of our store; which means we need to own and deliver the Hobbyland "Brand Experience" to each of you... every day. Our commitment and goals are centered around providing a relentlessly premium experience for every one of our current and future customers. As part of that, our history will continue to provide the BEST PEOPLE & MODELERS as employees, and the BEST PRODUCTS we can possibly find for you.


Hobbyland now stands as one of the few remaining brick and mortar hobby stores where you can still visit and talk to experts who are active modelers and hobbyists themselves.  At our store you can see new and classic products first-hand, receive first-hand building and repair advice, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow hobbyists.  We do not specialize in one area, but choose to support a wide array of hobbyists such as plastic modelers, radio control enthusiasts, model rocket builders, slot car collectors, model railroaders, and others creative passions.  We embrace new technologies, such as 3D printing, and support STEM programs that encourage critical thinking development in our younger customers.  We will always strive to embrace the ever-changing trends and evolution of the hobbies, as we have since 1953.

Hobbyland continues to serve central Ohio and uses social media and our online store to serve our customers around the world. The store is managed to make sure we always stay close to the principles that have made us a destination for nearly 65 years. Our goal is to provide our customers not only with the materials and tools for whatever hobby they may have, but the knowledge of all of our employees - who share the same enthusiasm and love for hobbies. We are here to serve you and assist you every step of the way; whether it be building a model, learning to build or fly a radio control airplane, or even creating your first train layout. We look forward to seeing you, or meeting you, very soon!