Microaces Fokker DVII Part II

January 09, 2018

Microaces Fokker DVII Part II

Last time we had finished the basic fuselage assembly and were getting ready to do the lower wing.  The lower wing is an under cambered assembly which has been pre-scored to make the bend that creates the airfoil shape.  This bend also adds rigidity to the wing and acts a bit like a spar. 



Once bent, ribs are glued on place in locations shown under the wing. 



Last we add a center rib and wing brace tot the wing and set the dihedral of the wing using an included fixture for that.  Be careful not to glue the wing to the fixture!


Now the bottom wing is attached to the fuselage.  I had to sand a little bit of the foam on the fuselage brace to get the wing to snug down in the wing saddle. 

Next I went a bit out of order in the instructions and added the bottom fuselage cover so it could dry while I worked on the undercarriage.

Next I started work on the undercarriage. The wheels are made up of several pieces and a style similar to some vintage free flight planes I have built.

The outer covers are scored so that when they are bent they form a cone and the scoring simulates the spokes under the cover on the real plane. 


Finally a rubber o-ring is added to simulate the tire.  I did find that the foam tac was reluctant to bond to the rubber, so I used foam safe CA to attach the tire to the wheels.

Now that the wheels were done I moved on to the landing gear struts.these are reinforced by carbon fiber strips and when dry the struts are bent to the proper angle. 

 The pieces are assembled and string is used to tension the assembly as per the full size plane.  After a couple unsuccessful tries of just forcing the the thread through the premade holes I robbed a sewing needle from my wife which made the job much easier! 

This assembly is now joined to the bottom of the fuselage.   At this point I was getting excited to finish the plane and so missed photographing the next step!  That step was building  the chin of the fuselage from several stacked bits of foam that are then sanded to the correct shape and covered with a sticker once glued to the front of the fuselage. 

Now the finish was in sight but for build night 2 I just decided to make some of the detail bits and let them dry so I could start fresh the next night.  so the pilot and machine guns went together and were set aside to dry. 

 Next time we will add the radio, top wing and battery hatch to wrap up construction!  



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