Microaces Fokker DVII

December 08, 2017

Microaces Fokker DVII

As promised, I have started the build of the Micro aces Fokker DVII. The instructions are quite clear and easy  to follow and construction is similar to many free flight and foam planes I have worked on in the past. Following are shots from a couple hours of work at a leisurely pace to allow the glue to dry between steps.

The first steps involve building the keel piece.  This is the backbone of the plane and is reinforced by plastic overlays on both sides.  Once completely dry (we don't want to build a banana) we add our formers to give the fuselage shape.

   Next we start working on the outside skin of the fuselage

First several reinforcing tabs are glued in place. Using a template from the instructions, the skin is scored in several places to make curving the fuselage easier where it is rounded. I use a bar-b-que skewer which works well to score the depron without breaking all the way through it.

Next the skin is wrapped bit by bit around the fuselage skeleton and glued in place making the structure rigid.



The turtle deck goes on next.  I highlighted the scoring with a pencil to make it easier to see.

This is attached to the top rear of the fuselage


Last step for this session is building and attaching the rudder and elevator. The elevator is reinforced with a pre-cut carbon fiber strip and then hinged with the pre-cut stickers from the sticker sheet.  These are then glued onto the fuselage.


Next time we will add  the lower wing and landing gear assemblies. 

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